In the event you may change your mind the 2022 exam dates can be found here.



You may have noticed afew additional buttons. These just give you links to the things I email out. The newsletter, any covid updates (exam cancellation issues mainly) and general exam information for when things are normal. There’s also the Edexcel syllabus added to each subject. This is just for those interested. You don’t need to follow it or even open it. You can just follow the swss course. 


Three new videos have been added to support the workbook in term 3 lesson 12 (there previously was no video). This is genetics and I know some of you found this very hard so these should help.


If you don’t need to watch them just give them a quick click and your tracker will update.


Some of the Summer 2022 exam sitters are taking a marked exam in the week commencing April 4th 2022. 

This is invigilated (online) providing an opportunity to practice under exam conditions.


If you have completed term 1 - 2 and would like to take part this carries a fee of £30 to cover admin, invigilation and marking. Purchase is available via the shop. 

A webcam, microphone will be needed. Student's will need to be visible on the webcam to be invigilated, however will not be required to speak. Please note there are limits on numbers. Summer 2022 exam sitters will take priority. In the event we pass capacity you will be refunded.


Contact a tutor via message on your account.  Click the speech bubble in the top right hand corner and search for ‘Tutor’. You can also email questions@swscienceschool.co.uk.


Suggested timetables can be found on your student dashboard. These are just guides. You can work at a pace that suits you.

If you want help live with science questions please join the drop in Q&A sessions on Friday between 3 – 5pm. These are on zoom and the meeting ID can be found on your student dashboard.


Please let us know your question / query by noon on the Friday you wish to attend. It makes it easier for the person who runs it who is answering questions from four subjects across almost all levels.