in the event you may change your mind the 2022 exam dates can be found here.


A course progress tracker has been installed for new students.

It records videos watched and online assignments completed. A green assignment is one completed with a score of 80% or more. A yellow assignment is one completed with a score of less than 80%. 

Existing student's online assignments are shown on their tracker, but videos watched are not. Existing students only need to click the video briefly to register it as watched. If you would like me to do this for you let me know via message on your student dashboard (search for tutor). Alternatively, email me at questions@swscienceschool.co.uk.

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The government have stated that only unseen and invigilated work will count towards a teacher assessed grade.

A link to their statement can be found here.

Therefore, the tracker and any online assignments will not be accepted by them.

We will be running invigilated online exams (paper 1 and paper 2) as close to the original exam date as possible. These will be 'hidden' Edexcel papers.

Before Christmas we asked our partner exam centre, Tutors & exams, if they would accept a teacher assessed grade spread over two assessments. One held in March and one in May/June. We have yet to hear back from them. We are willing to offer this if you personally want to and your exam centre will accept. You can try the assessment in March and let us know if you want it to count to your grade or not. It would include past paper questions on the first three terms and incur a fee dependant on the number of people attending.


The timetable is a guide. Work at a pace that suits you, but please don't skip marked work. These can be found in the end of term 3 folder (end of year exam) and R01 folder (two practical tests).


Contact a tutor via message on your account.  Click the speech bubble in the top right hand corner and search for ‘Tutor’. You can also email questions@swscienceschool.co.uk.

If you want help live with science questions please join the drop in Q&A sessions on Friday between 3 – 5pm. These are on zoom and the meeting ID is 850 803 9897.


Please let us know your question / query by noon on the Friday you wish to attend. It makes it easier for the person who runs it who is answering questions from four subjects across almost all levels.