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Trial lesson

Every week (more or less often if you like):

  • Watch the video lesson(s) and / or attend the live session. 

  • Read and understand your revision sheet.

  • Complete assignments.

  • Ask your tutor if you need help via email or messenger.

Check out lesson 1 for chemistry below. 


​Lesson 1 video

Please note clipping may occur on smaller devices. 

Extra video: How small is an atom?

Sometimes we suggest an extra video to watch. These are hand selected to inspire and / or support the week's topic. 

Lesson 1 Revision sheet

These act as your video notes / textbook. Memorise and understand to be sure you've understood exactly what is required for a top mark.

Lesson 1 Assignment

Assignments vary considerably. Many are electronically recorded online quizzes (this lesson 1 includes one but is not shown here) and mini mock exams (by the end of your course you will have already practiced most past exam questions available). Others are games and practicals. These are self marked with answers made available or marked by the computer. However, a teacher will be marking at least 2 pieces of your work (an end of year 1 exam and an end of year 2 full mock exam). You can purchase more marking in the online shop if you wish.

Lesson 1 Mini mock

Ask for help if needed

We can't get away from the fact that some of the IGCSE content is tough. Persevere and tell us if you don't understand. You can ask questions via message on your student account or via email.

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