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What will be covered in the Summer 2022 exams?

We've been told what will be in your exams, so you can target revision to only those topics.

The links below give us what will definitely be in the exam and what will definitely not for paper 1 and 2. Physicists and double scientists are also given a full formula sheet. These are made by Edexcel, not SWSS. The numbers correspond to the official specification.

How does this link to SWSS courses?

Below you will find the SWSS lessons that link to what will and will not be covered in the exams.

Are future exams cancelled?

All 2022 exams are currently going ahead, but potentially can still be cancelled. The government has issued guidance on what will happen if they are cancelled. Find link here.

Will SWSS support me if exams are cancelled?

Yes. You will need to take an online invigilated exam. The grade from this will be your IGCSE level.

Edexcel have given the option of spreading your grade over two online assessments. If you would like to follow this route please purchase 'predicted grade assessment 1' from the online store. 

Assessment details including times and dates can be found here.

Will my exam centre accept this? 

Our partner exam centre, Tutors & exams, have confirmed they will accept a grade from SWSS. They recommend taking two assessments rather than one.

If you have a different different exam centre please contact them directly. They may have their own plan in place. If you wish SWSS to provide a grade please ask them whether one or two online invigilated exams will be sufficient.

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