Summer exams were cancelled. Did external candidates get their grades?

Almost all SWSS students either chose to defer their exam to a later sitting or had predicted grades submitted and accepted. 


However, many external candidates worldwide have been negatively affected and did not receive their grades or have a choice in deferring. The Q&A below aim to provide guidance for those hoping to pass their IGCSEs in the future. It is subject to change as Ofqual, Edexcel and / or the Department of Education release new information.

Will autumn, January and Summer 2021 exams be cancelled?

The government and Edexcel are aiming not to cancel and it is unlikely they will. In extreme circumstances they may have to, however, exams could be replaced with an online examination amongst other potential outcomes. As of yet no official information has been released guiding us to the procedure in the event exams are cancelled.

Are all subjects available to take in the autumn and January sittings?

Students sitting UK exams can take Edexcel IGCSE exams in all subjects in autumn (November). In January 2021 only IGCSE biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics A and mathematics B will be available.


This does not necessarily apply in countries outside the UK.


Full list of subjects and sittings available here.

Can I take exams in autumn, even if I have not deferred?

Unlikely, however contact your exam centre to confirm.

If exams are cancelled will SWSS provide a predicted grade? 

Yes. 97% of our students had predicted grades accepted by an exam centre, chose willingly to defer or had predicted grades sent to their college this summer.  We will continue to predict grades for our students if necessary (and permitted) in the future. At present there is no official procedure to follow in the unlikely event exams are cancelled. At present our advice is to complete the course in full, complete over time (1-2 years ideally in line with the timetable), hand work in for marking as per the timetable and prepare for a final exam of some form. Please note an additional fee may have to be incurred in certain circumstances either from us or your exam centre. If an official procedure is released this advice may change.


Current students can find further information on their student dashboard (pre-coursework and timetable section).

Can SWSS provide a predicted grade to my college in the event exams are cancelled?

Yes. If you are refused an exam or a predicted grade by your exam centre follow the usual instructions to have a grade predicted and we will send this to your college.

I don't have a provider or tutor. What can I do?

  • Ensure your exam centre will accept predicted grades based on evidence you can provide. Ring around and consider switching centres if one can accommodate you better.

  • Plan ahead. Find out exactly what evidence they will accept in writing and start making sure you have this.

  • Don’t pay tutors, providers or services for evidence until you know it will be accepted by your centre.

  • Be ready to hear that they want you to complete teacher marked work (at additional expense). This may be arranged by the exam centre and involve something like an exam invigilated by zoom.





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