Are Summer 2021 exams cancelled?

All GCSE and A level exams are cancelled. Edexcel IGCSE exams are currently going ahead. 

Can I book for a Summer 2021 IGCSE with an exam centre?

Yes. However, many exam centres are currently refusing external candidates. If you want an IGCSE qualification in Summer 2021 you will need an exam centre regardless of whether exams are cancelled. You may need to search further afield to find a centre that accepts you. Ask what procedures they have in place in the event exams are cancelled. Will you be able to have a centre assessed grade (CAG) with them will they not support you. In the latter case will you be given a refund.

Will I secure a predicted grade if exams are cancelled?

You will need an exam centre that is willing to provide a centre assessed grade. This is a grade they have decided is appropriate given the evidence presented to them. As a learning provider we can help provide this evidence. We can suggest a predicted grade. It is up to your exam centre to decide if they believe it to be appropriate for you.

What can I do to prepare in the event exams are cancelled?

If you have additional tutors or providers gather evidence with them of your work. This should be over one or two years ideally. In regards to your SWSS work, complete the course, complete over time (in line with the two year timetable ideally), hand in work for marking and prepare for an exam. Most schools and exam centres are planning an invigilated exam of some form. Prepare for this to be the bulk of your evidence and therefore grade.

A covid plan was released in September last year for our students. This has been emailed out and is available on your student dashboard alongside the timetable. However, if you have not followed the plan do not worry. We are looking into ways we can support you fairly.

Can SWSS provide a predicted grade to my sixth form college?

Yes. Please email with the student's name, subject(s) they want a predicted grade for. The student must have completed the end of year 1 exam to receive this. A £5 admin fee will be charged for this service.

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