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"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated." -Rosalind Franklin

What is the learning style?

Adaptable. Active. Applied.


We love science and want you to as well. That's why we try to make our courses as fun and relevant as possible. We turn cell structure into cell city. DNA into Jurassic Park genetics. Forces into the Physics of superheroes. This may seem unorthodox, but we find linking stories and visuals we find relaxing helps us learn difficult concepts more easily. No textbooks. Weekly videos. Engaging assignments. Fun activities. A community of fellow students and lots of perfectly selected external resources including videos, music and apps. All you need is access to a computer or iPad, the internet and Microsoft office or adobe pdf reader (free download here). Please note, due to the diversity of assignments and students a printer may be beneficial.

How it works

You will receive through our website classroom, weekly:

1) Lessons
2) Assignments 
3) Feedback/Answers


Lessons are video powerpoints presented by your teacher. Complete at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Complete assignments (a variety of practicals, activities, worksheets, online quizzes and practice exam questions). Receive answers. Struggling? You have instant access to a qualified teacher by email or private Facebook group. Still struggling? Come to our live weekly drop in session. Complete everything and you have all the tools for a top mark. Want to see a trial week's work? Click here. This is a similar format to most weeks.








  • Home educators are entitled to £45 off. Please enter ONE2019, TWO2019 or THREE2019 depending on the number of subjects being ordered at checkout. You may be asked for proof you are home educating.

  • All material required to pass your chosen qualification to level 9. Online quizzes, games, practicals, mock exams etc.

  • Make use of social media targeted specifically at your course.

  • Access to your teacher and fellow students via a private Facebook group and email.

  • Occasional live lectures in the more difficult topics.

  • Live weekly drop in session.






  • Pen, pencil, paper, ruler and folder to store all your hard work (you can store everything on your computer or your personal student profile on our website if you prefer).

  • A scientific calculator (this must NOT be able to connect to the internet or have a QWERTY keyboard).

  • Materials for practicals. We will endeavour to keep these as cheap as possible.

  • Exam fees. You are responsible for finding your local centre, but we can help you. It must accept EDEXCEL IGCSE 9-1. Any centre that accepts EDEXCEL should be able to accommodate IGCSE. However, they may not be aware of this or may choose not to accept IGCSE for their own reasons, so please contact your chosen centre to confirm. You will be expected to pay the centre an admin fee in addition to the cost of each exam. The admin fee varies from approximately £5 to £150. The examination fee is currently £40.30 per IGCSE, but this may increase annually. We are creating a list of exam centres that have confirmed they will accept IGCSE EDEXCEL science students. We would love to know your exam centre reviews. 








We offer an instalment option with no credit check with £20 deposit. As all materials are provided at the course start, payment must be made in full by the start date. The instalment option will automatically change to ensure this. The earlier you book the smaller your instalments will be. Failure to complete payments will result in removal from the course. Please note, each failed payment will result in a £5 admin fee. 


To pay by instalments please select the instalment option in the online store. You will be emailed details to set up automatic monthly payments.







Standard Science GCSEs and international GCSEs (IGCSE) are being changed by the government. Structurally, they will be now almost identical. This means for either GCSE or IGCSE, all content will be assessed via two exams at the end of the course. No coursework. Despite the GCSE and IGCSE being practically identical, the courses we offer are IGCSE. This is because the GCSE requires an exam centre to confirm the student has completed certain practicals and very few exam centres are willing to do this for external students. 


Another thing has changed under the new syllabus. The familiar A - G grades will be no more as of Summer 2019 (they do remain for A levels). Instead, we have a grading system made of numbers called levels. These were introduced to add a higher grade at the top. A** (level 9). The following diagram shows a basic comparison of the new levels and the old grades.










This IGCSE will follow the EDEXCEL (Pearson) specification for the new grade 9-1. First examinations available summer 2019.





Practicals are a key aspect of Science. Your course material will guide you through all the necessary practicals. You will not be formally assessed on your practical skills. However, you will be examined on the practicals so you will need to know them very well and be able to describe and explain them theoretically.









All the course will be available you at the start. Timetables provided can guide you to finish in desired time frames. Any extra live lectures or study groups do tend to follow the 2 year timetable.







Of course! This can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience. Especially for younger students who want to familiarise themselves with the material.






How long is a piece of string? We hope you enjoy the subject enough to spend more time exploring it. But, as a guide, consider that a typical school GCSE science student will be expected to attend approximately 2 hours of lessons (per subject) and complete 1-2 hours of homework a week over THREE YEARS! These are not easy courses and should be respected as such if you want a good grade. A common misconception is you can learn content like a book and regurgitate it in an exam. This is not the case! Scientists are problem solvers. You will need to learn the material and constantly apply that to new scenarios. If you want a high level you will need to complete all videos and assignments as a bare minimum, with many hours of additional work to memorise them.






If you have any worries or concerns please do contact us. We want to help. If you have financial difficulties we can often find a solution that doesn't prevent you continuing with studies.


If you still wish to cancel, we offer a full refund (minus deposit) if you cancel within 30 days of purchase up to 14 days before your course start date. After this, we offer 75% store credit up to 30 days after the course start date. This is due to the difficulty filling cancelled spaces approaching start dates. Refunds will be processed within 14 days of notification. To cancel please email info@swscienceschool.co.uk.


For more information see our full refund policy.







However, if you intend to sit exams you may need to come to the UK for this. We use EDEXCEL for IGCSE Biology. Please check for your local centre.


Southwest Science School will not be held responsible for your countries server. Please make sure your internet connection is adequate. Some practical lists may be difficult to locate in your area. However, none are compulsory.





Under UK law there are no entry requirements for you to take the course. The course is suitable for all ages and many children may find our lessons engaging, such as the science of farts, x men, rise of the mutants and the great supermarket scandal. We want to achieve your goals and have tried to make the course as inclusive as possible regardless of your background. We especially welcome home schoolers, home educators and those with no formal academic training. Please see our trial IGCSE week here for a guide to the level of content.


There is trend that older students who have completed KS3 or equivalent find the courses easier. These are challenging and although we aim to fill in all the relevant KS3 gaps, be considerate whether your child can keep pace with a high maths and/or difficult vocabulary. Younger children may prefer to take the course over three years.






Please note! Much of the course will be delivered with references to the media, including TV and film. Sometimes the media references will have certificate ratings of 12 and above. However, course material will neither include nor direct to any media references that caused these age ratings.


We follow the EDEXCEL IGCSE syllabus. Full details can be found here.






When you are ready to buy please do so from our online shop. Select your payment method (more info on instalment options here). Home educators make sure you receive your discount using ONE2019, TWO2019 or THREE2019.


Upon completion of your purchase you will receive a basic receipt via email. Please wait for up to 24 hours for our acceptance of your purchase. We will notify you of your place on the course via email. Unfortunately, purchasing of the course in our shop does not automatically guarantee a place. We have limited places in each class and these will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  If a course is full we will ask if you would like to be placed on our waiting list and if enough students are on this we may run an additional course with a different, equally qualified teacher.





Email info@swscienceschool.co.uk

Message us through our facebook page at 











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