We hope you’re ready to start learning your science IGCSE(s)!


Our timetable (found here and on your student account) starts Monday September 6th. It’s our path to learning that fits most student’s daily lives. One folder a week aiming for Summer 2023 exams.


However, we are not all the same! With different ages, experience, learning styles and lives you can adapt the course to suit your own timetable and exam sitting. We are here to offer tutor support until Summer 2024.


Watch this video on how to use the course. Some features are to be released this half term.


If you’ve started late and not had a chance to complete the pre-coursework, don’t worry! You can complete any time you want. You're often re-directed to it throughout the course. If you want to enter the competition for the pre-coursework, please complete it by September 20th at midnight.


For chemists and physicists lesson 1 is a biggy! The biggest in the course and definitely not an average week. This and the pre-coursework covers the key stage 2 and 3 (age 7 - 14 years) that is absolutely essential for IGCSE.


We include this to make the course complete, opposed to not understanding things because of limited foundational knowledge. 

Struggling to learn it all? Slow down and don’t worry. Any progress is great progress. 


As some of you know we used to communicate predominantly through a Facebook group. We are streamlining our communication ports to be more inclusive to all students and guardians. For this reason, we have moved all communication to email and the website.


Contact a tutor via your student account messaging service.  Click the speech bubble in the top right hand corner of your account and search for ‘Tutor – Ask me a question!’. You can also email 



If you want help live with science questions please join these sessions on Friday between 2.45 – 4.45pm. These are on zoom and the meeting ID is 850 803 9897. 


Contact via info@swscienceschool.co.uk

If you wish to report an issue with the course, for example a video appears to run slowly for you or you believe there is an error you can use the report an issue button above your lesson folders.