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Fill in separately for multiple students

Please complete & you'll receive your student log in details within 2 working days. 
I promise to respect students & staff
I agree that the student's work can be shared on social media or with other students. Their first name may be used, but not surname.
I understand that to pass the IGCSE(s) well, with no other resources, I must complete all videos, assignments and revision work. I also need to submit work for marking when prompted during the course.
I understand the IGCSE courses are taught to the new EDEXCEL (Pearson) 9-1 specification. It is my responsibility to organise and pay for exams with my chosen external exam centre.
I understand the course is self study. Answers are provided. However, there are key pieces to be marked by a teacher. These are clearly labelled on the site.
I have good internet access, can create pdf files from printed work, can open pdf files on my device and have the internet speed to play videos.
I understand I can ask a tutor for help via email ( or the messaging button on my student account.
We recommend taking the course over 2 academic years. We provide a timetable for this. I understand I can work to my own timetable but may see references to deadlines that do not apply to me.
Students can message other users via their account. SWSS is not responsible for, nor monitors messages. I take full responsibility for my own / child's cyber safety when using messenger. Being available on messenger means users may be able to see my first and surname in a search. I can adjust these settings in messenger to only allow contacts I choose to contact you.
I understand students joining the 2023 cohort will have access to the material until June 2026 irrespective of when they started.
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