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Top 20 Xmas science gift list!

We've trawled the internet for our top 20 science christmas gifts to suit every budget from child to adult! Click on the images to find links to buy. Happy Christmas Scientists!

1. Musical tesla coil. From £8.39

This would definitely be on our list given the chance. Normally these dudes cost hundreds to thousands of pounds. Check out one here playing Ghostbusters. Not for most budgets, so here's a mini one to get started!

2. Astronaut food £4.99 Amazon

Experience Christmas dessert as an astronuat with this chocolate chip ice cream. Get the family together to experience life in space!

3. DNA Tesing kit From £79

Ever wanted to discover your ancestry or know in advance any health problems you may develop? Now's your chance with 23andMe offering £20 off their kits. Not only can this provide serious information, but will also tell you fun facts from the chances you were going to have a unibrow to whether you prefer salt over sweet popcorn.

4. Hand boilers £5.99

Boil liquids with the power of your hands. Learn about Charle's law and energy transfer with these conversation starters on Christmas day.

5. The amazing balancing dinosaur £5.99

Try out your skills finding the centre of gravity of this Pteranodon in this traditional physics toy from the Natural History Museum. Don't like dinosaurs? Bird varieties available too.

6. Dissecting kit £12.99

Any budding surgeon needs a dissection kit. Learn anatomy like a pro with all the tools to get you started. Why not try and acquire a whole digestive system from your local butchers. This not for young children. Adult supervision required at ALL times.

7. Top trumps Chemistry £6.79

Learn the kings of the periodic table with a classic game of Top Trumps.

8. Rainbow maker £26.99

Great for adults and kids a like. Who wouldn't like a rainbow when the sun shines through their window?! Want to explore this? Purchase a selection of prisms as well and have a light bonanza.

9. Invisible ink pen. £4.95

Stocking filler for any budding forensic detective!

10. The Manga guide to Science. From £11.28

Love Manga? Love comics? Love science? Try these Manga guides! A bit dissapointed to see the usual school girls in mini skirts, but still a good overview through IGCSE and beyond! Plenty of options to choose, from electricity and physics to biochemistry and molecular biology. If you're trying to slyly improve your knowledge for I()GCSE then we recommend the 'Physics' and 'Electricity' books.

11. Science in the kitchen! From £11.29

Kit out the kitchen like a true geek with a selection of caffeine beaker mugs, salt and pepper flasks and the Cooking for Geeks book.

12. Magazine subscription. From £1 per issue.

There are so many great magazines out there now. For the younger ones why not try the popular Whizz Pop Bang or National Geographic Kids! For older ones, our favourites are Wildlife (which has a great offer with a FREE Blue planet 2 DVD and book), Focus and Scientific America.

13. The cartoon guide to .... £11.28

A selection of books that might help visual learners retain some of that IGCSE material. Chemistry, Physics and Biology all available alongside the more difficult topics like genetics.

14. Wallace & Gromit cracking contraptions. £15.18

A lovely detailed book for any budding engineers. Lots of free youtube videos worth a watch also, if you don't want to pay the £4.99 for 'The world of invention' on Blu-ray.

15. Levitation wand. £10.36

Best for the slightly older kids in our opinion as it's all abit delicate and can get lost/broken easily. But, a classic in the realms of static electricity worth mentioning.

16. Bird bingo. £16.95

As it says on the tin. Beautifully presented for adults as much as children. Match a pair of birds and bug bingo are also lovely additions to this collection.

17. Swatch guides by the Woodland trust. £4.99

We adore these pocket guides for those walks throughout the seasons. Fungi identification to poos and clues. Lovely teamed with Lynn Seddon's 'Exploring nature with children' curriculum.

18. Bird watchers hide £25.97

A test of patience for any child, but what could be more heart warming than a nature watching with your family dressed up as leaves! Other lovely garden fillers are bee hotels and butterfly feeders.

19. Mystical fire £8.99

Pyro technic in the making? We take NO responsibility for your safety with this, but we couldn't deny you the chemistry behind colourful fireworks. These sachets produce coloured flames in any fire.

More experience? Test the different chemicals to produce different coloured flames. This is direct from the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus. Not for the inexperienced. This is designed to be used with fire and you may need further equipment. Treat with CAUTION!

20. Dinosaur phytoplankton £78.95

Want a bioluminescence glowing your bedroom? Try this living ecosystem of phytoplankton!

OK. We admit. We struggling to get it down to 20. Wondering where to buy the HoHoHo tree decoration? Check out Etsy for this and more periodic table ornaments from £9.23.

We hope we gave you a little inspiration! Please do share your favourite science gift ideas below or on our Facebook or instagram page!


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