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What textbooks should you buy for the IGCSE Edexcel Sciences?

For all you busy bees I’m cutting to the chase. Here’s my ultimate textbook set for completing any of the IGCSE Edexcel sciences. I’m showing you biology, but the same will apply for chemistry and physics (just switch the subject name).


Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Student book

Edexcel International GCSE for the grade 9-1 course. The Revision Guide. By CPG

Edexcel International GCSE Exam practice Workbook for the 9-1 course by CPG

Edexcel international GCSE (9-1) workbook by Hodder education

Essential maths skills for GCSE Science for the grade 9-1 course - study & practice

For the rest of you, here’s why I came to this conclusion……