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Top FREE Apps for IGCSE Science

I've had a lot of fun this week testing out ipad apps (in the name of education, of course) and i've come up with my FREE favourites below.

1. Toca elements.

Want to burn, electrocute, freeze and spin various cute little element creatures to see what happens? Here's your app.

Although it won't teach ethics, you will learn some important lab equipment and how different elements respond to 'torture'.

There's no instructions as students are expected to learn through discovery. For those more literal, click here for instructions.

2. Periodic table quiz.

OK, so this really is what it says on the tin. A quiz. But, with appealing graphics and good design that's only a good thing if you're in the mood.

One of the major hurdles in chemistry is recognising individual elements amongst long formulas. If this sounds like you, try this alongside your studies.

3. Physics Lab AR.

Visually clear electronics lab in your pocket. With extra sections in astrophysics and

electromagnetism, this app does appear to have grand plans, so it's worth keeping an eye on. At the moment it really is one of the best electronics apps for students out there. Make and test out circuits, use real and symbol components, visualise in augmented reality and as circuit diagrams. At this stage, you can't beat it.

4. Orbit

Very calming visuals and audio accompany tasks to set various objects in to orbit.

This is one for the thoughtful, analytic mind and although won't directly feed IGCSE work in to your head, it will help you understand how orbital shape relates to distance etc.

One for before an exam or to just relax the mind on a stressful day.

5. Revision buddies - GCSE Biology

I know, you're (I)GCSE, but this is a very relevant app. Bunching together all you've learnt, questions are fed in bathces of 10, making for great revision no matter how many minutes you have spare. It's not completely free, but what is, is worth the download.

Even those few questions that aren't on the IGCSE syllabus are fairly easy to answer and will only extend your knowledge for the better. SWSS students, stick with Edexcel and start on 'Organisms and energy'.

6. Temple GCSE

The best part of this is it can be used for all three sciences.

The questions aren't easy, but are so worth persevering for. They mimic exam style making them perfect for prep.

Don't let that put you off starting early though! Keep at it, keep repeating until you get it right whilst building your own temple in this fantasy world.

7. Sim cell

Travel through the cell in a nanobot carrying out missions.

This one goes above and beyond the syllabus, but with excellent definitions of the organelles it's worth a few minutes of your time.

The game has had some backlash for it's request to pay at the end of the trial, but in my opinion, if you really read and listen, the free trial is worth a go, even if you don't decide to pursue it after.

8. Rube Works!

Amazing for any budding engineer! It's based on the incredible, yet quirky Rube Goldberg machines. Haven't heard of him? Change that now!

This app will send you through the motions of pivots, pendulums, springs and everything else mechnical to carry out pointlessly perfect missions.

Remember the breakfast machine in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang anyone?

Do you have any favourites? Please do share!


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